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Who we are

Ravess was born in 2009 with the purpose of developing social marketing campaigns. Its mission is to both raise funds and awareness for a variety of NPOs on a national and international level. The brilliant approach coupled with a young and prepared staff, render Ravess capable of adjusting to market fluctuations, constantly innovating itself to offer useful and modern services.

What we do

Our core business is face-to-face fundraising, one of the prime strategies used in the field. Face-to-face fundraising satisfies the need for a clear, direct, and ad personam communication approach, and has proven to be a valid tactic to yield funds. Moreover, this strategy increases the popularity of the NPO as a whole, and better channels its mission and values.  To accompany the core business, Ravess also offers services according to customer  preferences, better satisfying the demand for flexibile initiatives.


Our Team

Andrea Verde
Presidente CDA

Renato Serafini
Consiglieri CDA

Stefano Erbaggi
Consiglieri CDA

Mauro Buono
General Manager

Cristina Lampis
Fundraising Coordinator

Cristina Bellipanni
Graphics and Web Master Designer

Marco Ottaviani

Alessandro Bellipanni

Marie Charlotte Besegher
Fundraising Coordinator France

Federica Masserotti