• Consultancy for the development of in-house social campaigns

• Research on locations for in-house activities

• Recruitment of fundraisers for various NPOs

• Creation and management of new fundraising teams in various locations not reachable by the NPO

• Professional courses on face-to-face fundraising for Senior or Junior fundraisers

• Services to ensure donor loyalty (SMS, welcome email)

• Software for data entry used to export daily information on the campaign

• Quality control and management of the completed donations

• Planning of fundraising campaigns positioned in Italian squares


• Organizing fundraising events (gala dinners, benefits, exc…)

• Planning for staging fairs or exhibitions

• Consultancy on communications (press and institutions)

• Promotion through mass media communication

• Creation of promotional material (brochures, depliant, desk, roll-up, gadgets, exc..)

• Creation of websites and thematic portals

• Creation of house organs, corporate magazines and publications

• Branding

• Packaging